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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday ~ A Vampire-Shifter for Halloween ~ Sea Panther by Dawn Marie Hamilton

Halloween is a mere five nights away. Get your paranormal fix with an excerpt from Sea Panther...

The simple act of returning the woman’s scarf had taken a dangerous turn when their fingers touched. Robert managed to control the vampire by sheer will alone. Nonetheless, the power surge coursing through his veins from the brief contact with the lass awakened the panther. He barely made it to the tall grass on the outskirts of town before being claimed by the transformation.

He chose not to fight the change. He welcomed it with every fiber of his being.

Heart raced. Blood throbbed at his temples and a tortured curse escaped his lips. He discarded his garments and clenched his teeth. Muscles ripped and tendons snapped and bones distorted to conform to the panther’s shape. Coarse golden fur tipped with a reddish tinge rippled over bare skin, making him quiver with urgency.

Nostrils flared, he sniffed the salty breeze. There would be precious few moments for his pleasure before the beast seized complete control.

He darted through the salt marsh, paws sinking into moist earth. His growl sounded out a soul-wrenching lament on the injustice of his life. Robert couldn’t shake the feminine image of the tall graceful woman with brown curls and haunted chocolate eyes. The desire to mate shook him to the core.

Far from the trappings of civilization, he slowed to a rhythmic lope. He hoped no one found the tracks. The headlines would be sensational.

Big Cats Return to South Jersey

Cougar Tracks Sighted in Cape May County

On closer inspection, a zoologist would recognize the smaller pawprints and attribute them to the Florida panther, Puma concolor coryi. Researchers would bombard the foundation with inquiries. His secret would be in jeopardy.

The panther reared its full power and forced away Robert’s human thoughts.

A raccoon moving through the reeds caught his keen gaze. He pounced on the prey. Yet on the fringes of consciousness remained the unquenched desire for his mate.

Hope you enjoyed this wee excerpt from Sea Panther, a Crimson Storm Novel.

Sea Panther exclusively at Amazon.

~Dawn Marie

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday: Twelvetide: Twelve Nights of Highland Magic by Dawn Marie Hamilton

He has twelve nights to gain her love. She has twelve nights to save his soul. Here is an excerpt from a ghostly holiday novella...

“You came. I hoped. Prayed.” Cael reached forward to clasp both of Ashley’s hands, forgetting he had no substance and slipped through. He felt something. A tingling, but not the smooth sensation of skin stroking skin he so desired.

Her eyes widened. “Your hands went right through mine.”

“I am sorry. I did not mean to frighten you.”

“You didn’t. It’s just…I thought.” She frowned. “Well, I don’t know what I thought. You’re still a ghost. I had hoped, perhaps, you might be more real now. More solid. You claimed to be my destiny.”

“I am.”

“I don’t see how.” A carved stone bench appeared at the base of the oak tree. Ashley gave a yelp and jumped back; fingers fluttered near her throat. “Did you do that?”

“Nae. I dinnae have the ability to wield magic.” He scraped a hand over his head, frustrated with the awkwardness between them. “The garden is enchanted. You ken?”

“Well, yeah, I’ve witnessed the maze appear out of thin air.” She tossed her head, dark brown hair flowing over a slender shoulder.

He lifted a hand to touch the lustrous tresses. Remembering he wouldn’t be able to feel their fine texture, he pulled back. “Perhaps you would like to sit with me?”

She dropped to the bench, and he joined her. Though their thighs appeared to touch, he felt no mass against him. How could they possibly have a shared destiny?

He sensed her nervousness. What should he say to put her at ease? “I feared you would not come,” he blurted.

She smiled and the sun shined upon him. “We pinky swore.”

“Aye, that we did.”

“So now that I’m here…”


“Explain how you are my destiny.”

He hesitated a moment too long, and she sighed heavily.

“Listen. I came because I promised. I came because you claimed to be my destiny. Actually, I came because…I want to be with you.” She twisted her body to face him and attempted to touch his cheek. Failing, she frowned and folded her hands in her lap. “To be honest, I don’t understand how we could ever be together. Am I missing something?”

“I have nae explanation.” He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Durrell, the Druid gatekeeper, told me our destinies are entwined, but nae more.”

“Wait a minute. The caretaker at the manor house is named Durrell. Perhaps he’s playing a cruel joke on both of us.”

“I dinnae think so. He came to me when you were a wee bairn. Did Aileen not explain more to you?”

“Aileen? You know of her?”

“I have watched you and her from the other side of the veil. She is a Druid light-bearer—your guide.”

“She hasn’t told me anything about you, except…” Ashley blushed. “Never mind about that. I want to know more about this destiny thing.”

“I wish I had the answers you seek.”

“What would you like to know?” Aileen had arrived in her quiet way. A holly wreath adorned her silver head in the way of Druid women and she wore a white linen gown cinched at the waist with silver braid. Her silver eyes pierced him.

Caelan rose at her approach and inclined his head in respect. Ashley jumped up beside him.

“Durrell has spoken with you, Caelan Innes?” the light-bearer asked.

“He informed me of Ashley and my entwined destinies. Aye. But how can that be as I am a ghost and a living heart beats beneath her breast? There is no way for us to be together.”

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Twelvetide: Twelve Nights of Highland Magic, an Enchanted Highlands Holiday Novella.

Twelvetide exclusively at Amazon.

~Dawn Marie

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday: Just Wait For Me by Dawn Marie Hamilton

Since it is October, and Samhaina time when faeries can more easily enter our worldis approaching, I thought it would be fun to share a fantasy flavored excerpt. So here is the excerpt from Just Wait For me where Dugaid, the son of the High King and Queen of the Fae, is introduced. Caitrina's life will never be the same...


The approach to Castle Torne, the northern most castle in the Highlands

Urgency goaded Prince Dugaid to push his mount to greater speed. The midnight-black stallion galloped effortlessly through pristine snow. Forest and glen and village blurred when passed.

They halted at the edge of the North-wood. The fae horse hoofed the earth, snorted, and blew steam into the frigid air. Dugaid leaned forward over the beast’s thick neck and eyed the stone fortress, shrouded in mist, high on the distant sea cliff. To the untrained human eye, Castle Torne appeared a great stronghold, though no more so than many others in Scotland. Something else was at work there. The land and all within charmed by a most powerful fae enchantment.

Its potency pulsed over Dugaid’s flesh despite the many layers of garments and furs he wore as protection against the cold. A thrill ran through him; eager for the confrontation ahead.

Prince Torguil, an ancient sithiche prince, held court within those massive stone walls. Although a favorite noble of Dugaid’s mother, Oonagh, the High-Queen of the Fae, Torguil chose to reside on earth in this forgotten northern wilderness instead of Tir-nan-Og. ’Twas said he pined for his human wife, long since dead and buried.

Dugaid straightened his shoulders. He would need to prove his worth to gain the hand of Torguil’s halfling daughter. ’Twas time to stop waiting and put his plan into action. He wanted Caitrina with every fiber of his being. His mother would never forgive him, which made the match all the more perfect.

He scanned the approach to the castle. Out in the open for the distance, he would be exposed, though he doubted Torguil’s warriors presented a threat. Dugaid had sensed the fae scouts for the past few days, monitoring his advance. They’d let him pass so far without incident.

Dugaid walked the fine steed across the open moor at an unhurried pace, keeping his senses alert. With each step, the tingling of magic strengthened, and with it his determination.

At the base of the rise to the cliff top, he paused and twisted around in the saddle. Movement within the trees revealed the scouts still watched him.

Ice and loose stones roughened the climb, but the surefooted stallion proceeded unaffected by either the encumbrance or the tremors of magic. If only the enchantment didn’t affect Dugaid. Perhaps shifting into his alternate form…

Nae. He couldn’t allow others to lay witness to the transformation nor its results. He held the reigns in a tight fist, feeling more lightheaded as they proceeded. He hung on by sheer will alone by the time they reached the massive gates.

Without command, the outer portcullis slowly rose with a loud grating of metal. Dugaid urged the horse forward. The latticed grille dropped behind them much faster than it had been raised, and they were now caught between the two gates. If Torguil wished him ill, this was where the guards could easily take away his immortality and end his fae life with a single, well-shot iron dart to the heart.

“Who goes there?” The voice came from within one of the arrow slits cut into the side wall.

“You ken verra well who I am. Prince Dugaid, son of Oonagh.”

The inner portcullis finally rose, opening the way into the castle courtyard. The dizziness faded the moment he cleared the gate. The temperature rose, and Dugaid unwrapped multiple scarves in order to breathe in the briny sea air.

Five muscular fae warriors pounded down the keep steps. The ancient prince wasn’t taking chances with his uninvited guest.

“Welcome to the home of Torguil.” The leader waved an arm and bowed in greeting.

Although the blond faerie stood taller than his companions, Dugaid, at six-foot-seven, topped him by a good four inches. If there was trouble, Dugaid had the upper hand. A slow smile curled his lips. “I wish an audience with Prince Torguil.”

Our prince is well aware of your presence. If you follow me, I will show you to a chamber where you can make yourself presentable.”

Dugaid followed the faerie, the other four warriors falling in behind. For Danu’s sake what harm did they think he planned?

After a much-needed bath and grooming, dressed in his black leathers, he restlessly waited for a summons. After pacing the width of the chamber for the umpteenth time, a knock sounded the arrival of the blond faerie who’d greeted him in the courtyard.

“Please follow me. I will escort you to Prince Torguil’s antechamber.”

Upon entrance to the chamber, Torguil strode forward and greeted him with a warrior’s embrace. On separating, the elder prince touched the gilt brooch at Dugaid’s shoulder. “You are of the unicorn brotherhood.”


“Do you bring a message from the high-queen?”

“I harbor nae love for my mother.”

Torguil rubbed his chin. “I see. Then why do you grace my hall?”

“I bring a gift.” Dugaid removed a wee leather sack secured at his hip and handed it to Torguil.

The elder prince released the thong and dropped the contents onto the table. Thirteen precious gems the size of a man’s thumbnail and the color of deepest purple settled on the tablecloth. The flawless amethysts winked in the flickering light of countless candles.

“A rare and exquisite gift.” Torguil fingered the stones set before him. “Truly beautiful. Far above par.”

“An offering for the hand of your daughter.”

“Ah!” The prince’s eyes narrowed. “Caitrina.”

“Aye.” Dugaid couldn’t read the impassive expression. Was Torguil pleased with the offer?

“Why should I grant your request? Allow you control over my greatest asset?”

“I am the only man capable of protecting her from Oonagh’s wrath.”

“Your prowess on the battlefield is well known. I would be proud to call you son.” Torguil hesitated. “Yet you dinnae speak of love?”

“I am fae.”

“As am I, yet I was verra much in love with Caitrina’s mother.” The emerald of his eyes—the same color as his daughter’s—deepened.

“There is nae time for human emotion. The third set in Oonagh’s challenge to Caitrina is in play. I will ensure your daughter wins.” Dugaid pounded a fist against his chest. “I will have her as my bride.”

“She will fight you.”

“I look forward to the taming.”
Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my latest release, Just Wait For Me, the third novel in the Highland Gardens series.

Just Wait For Me exclusively at Amazon.

~Dawn Marie

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday: Just Wait For Me by Dawn Marie Hamilton

For this week's Excerpt Wednesday, I hope you enjoy the first several paragraph's from the prologue of my latest release, Just Wait For Me, the third novel in the Highland Gardens series...

9 September, 1513
Near the village of Branxton in northern England
The king is dead.

Anguish tore from her halfling soul with a fae scream that reverberated over the field of devastation like rolling thunder. Silence ensued. Men frozen in fear.

Caitrina dropped to her knees beside the redheaded warrior and ran gentle fingers along the bloodied curve of his handsome face. Damn Oonagh! Damn the Fae Queen! She’d refused to allow Caitrina to intervene in the politics of the mortals and prevent this tragedy.

Now, the king lay dead, fatally wounded by an arrow and a bill. Be damned the English and their nasty weapon—the bill, a staff mounted with a hooked chopping blade and pointed projections. The Scots hadn’t stood a chance against the onslaught on the slippery, hilly terrain with their cumbersome pikes.

Heartbroken, she cradled the man to her breast. Such greatness lost. Tears spilled unchecked onto his precious face. Too late. Even the magic tears of a Sithichean princess couldn’t revive the king.

Just Wait For Me exclusively at Amazon.

~Dawn Marie