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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Look What's in Bloom - Dawn Clematis

Dawn clematis. Isn't it lovely?

Since the Highland Gardens series has a garden theme running through it, and gardening is one of my passions, I thought I would include garden themed posts on the blog. Today, I'm sharing a couple of photos of the Dawn clematis blooming in a pot in my yard. This plant has been in a pot for about ten years and moved with me from the NJ Sandy Hook bay area—salty winds—to an apartment balcony in Southern Maryland, to a small townhome garden nearby.

There is quite the range of clematis available in the marketplace. An array of colors, forms, and growing habits. Over the years, I've grown many varieties—mostly the climbing types. I selected the Dawn clematis for its name. I had to grow a flowering plant baring my name. J I also selected it because the Dawn clematis is one of the early season, large-flowered cultivars. Dawn blooms as a pearly-pink open flower in May and is perfect for container culture. Sometimes my plant reflowers in August with slightly smaller blooms. Beautiful nonetheless.

Do you have a favorite clematis?

~Dawn Marie


  1. Just lovely, Dawn! I love clematis, and this one's a beauty!

  2. Hi, Pat! It's a real stunner. After the pink tepals fade, brilliant gold seed heads glisten in the sun.