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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday 'Just Beyond the Garden Gate'

Another sneak peek into Just Beyond the Garden Gate. Today's post is from page 179. Munn is unhappy with the wedding plans...

Munn gazed out across the loch. The water was calm tonight, a contrast to his circling thoughts.

“What was he to do?” he grumbled, forgetting to mute his voice.

One of the warriors shot a look in Munn’s direction, furrowed his brow, and returned his gaze to the shadows beyond the walls. At any other time, Munn would have fun and spook the guard. Tonight he had a dilemma. The MacLachlan planned to wed the woman from the future.

Munn couldn’t allow it to happen. Although she seemed to care for the chief, he must stop the match. But how? If they consummated their marriage, his vow to Oonagh would be broken. The queen would condemn him to an eternity entrapped within the Sands of Time.

A punishment far worse than the most tortured death.

Torn between his loyalty to Patrick and to his vow to the queen, Munn sadly shook his head. He needed to do something soon, betray his chief or break his vow.

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