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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday #SPeekSunday: Sea Panther

It's Sunday, time for a Sneak Peek. Kimberly is still meeting with the captain, hoping he'll offer her a crewing job on Sea Panther...

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Kimberly struggled not to fidget under the scrutiny of her host.

Dressed in form-hugging black pants, a starched white tuxedo shirt open at the throat and stretched across a broad chest, and with the scar on a dangerously handsome face, Captain MacLachlan did look like a pirate. An eye-patch and sword, and a kerchief over his short spiked hair would complete the swashbuckler effect. Kimberly tried not to sigh at the image. She had to stop watching those classic old movies.

From his charming smile on their first meeting, she wouldn’t have expected him to be such an ill-tempered man. Tonight, however, his dark expression unnerved her. As did the odd sensation when they touched.

She rubbed her palm on her thigh—the palm still tingling from their handshake.

From the way the captain snatched his hand away, she would have thought him stung.

Silence stretched. Kimberly couldn’t stand the suspense. “Will there be other women onboard?” She burst out with the question that worried her most.

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  1. Oh- I predict more sparks will fly with this couple. Great snippet.