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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday #SPeekSunday: Just in Time for a Highland Christmas #6

Continuing from last week's sneak peek...Archibald has found the devastating remains of a cattle raid committed against his clan and suspects the neighboring Lamont clan with whom a feud has lasted generations.

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Yet the description of the lad and horse resembled that of another lad who’d daringly crossed MacLachlan land a year ago. At the time, they’d thought him a Campbell, but he could have been anyone. No Campbell, to Archibald’s knowledge, possessed dark hair.

Dark hair reminded him of Lamont’s daughter Isobell, his betrothed, missing for the past year, and brought another dagger slice to an already-damaged heart. Their marriage had been meant to bring an end to the feud and peace to the neighboring clans.

“And you, Isobell, let me guess, you wish to wed Archie.”

She nodded. “Aye. With all my heart.”

Patrick and Isobell’s words from so long ago haunted him, driving the breath from his lungs. What happened to harden her heart against him? Her father claimed she ran away so she wouldn’t be required to wed. Why? They’d been in love. Why would she stay hidden? Could it be she wasn’t in hiding—what if something had happened while she’d been out riding?

“Chief?” Duncan’s voice startled Archibald.

He unclenched his fists and shook off the troubling memory. He would fulfill his vow to find her. Just as soon as he punished those who perpetrated the destruction that lay before him. Failure was unacceptable. The clan’s survival depended on success.

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