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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Winged Beasts - Just Within a Highland Mist by Dawn Marie Hamilton

A sneak peek into 'Just Within a Highland Mist', a novella, the fifth tale in the Highland Gardens series...


“Are you sure there aren’t any dragons? He’s orange,” Tevin persisted.

Munn jerked his gaze to the bairn, annoyed by the interruption to his deliberation. He hated the need to think, but he must figure out what to do about the lad. “Who’s orange?”

“The dragon. It is my destiny to slay the orange dragon.”

“I told you. There are nae dragons here.”

“But Allison and Malcolm said—”

Munn held up a hand. “You best forget about dragons and come with me to Castle Lachlan. The chief will ken what to do with you. And I dinnae want to hear any more about the winged beasts.”

Tevin rolled his eyes to the side and curved tight lips into a disgruntled frown, but when Munn started off, the lad fell into step behind him. “What about the little faeries that brought me here? They have wings.”

Munn stopped short, and the bairn slammed into his back. He spun around and righted the lad. “What faeries?”

“I thought they were dragonflies at first, but they’re really cool. They’re girls with wings. They brought me here. There was one with green wings and another with purple and—”

“Whist! Needs be I think.”

Pixies? Why were pixies sifting time? What mischief did the ebony-haired Marcail and her pesky clan ponder?”



Just Within a Highland Mist

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Hope you enjoyed this wee sneak peek into 'Just Within a Highland Mist', a Highland Gardens Novella.

~Dawn Marie  

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