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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just Beyond the Garden Gate—Sunday Sneak Peek

A Highland Gardens Romance

I’m in the midst of edits for my upcoming release of Just Beyond the Garden Gate, but wanted to share a sneak peek…
Setup: after traveling through time and space our befuddled heroine, Laurie, meets our Scottish hero, Patrick, who she’s previously dreamed about in the most delicious way.

The current flowing between them became overpoweringly seductive. No man had made her feel this way before. For several moments, she wavered between fighting him—a stranger—and succumbing to the delicious sensations swamping her. He deepened the kiss, and the internal battle ended. Desire won. She clasped hold of the front of his shirt with shaky hands and kissed him back with pent-up passion.

Hope you like the snippet.
~Dawn Marie

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