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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - 'Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon'

Welcome to this week's Sneak Peek. Here's another excerpt from the soon to be released 'Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon', the second novel in the Highland Gardens series--Scottish historical time travel romance with faeries. Hope you enjoy this wee snippet!

Let's meet our heroine, Elspeth...

Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon
A Highland Gardens Novel
Bk #2

Fir-wood, Strathlachlan, 1511

“He dare not assault me.” Elspeth MacLachlan leaned forward in her saddle and eyed the trail. She didn’t want to end the search for the precious herbs she sought.
“Lass, this place is not safe.” The redheaded Jamie MacEwen wasn’t of the same mind.

He should be accustomed to her strange ways by now, having been her guard for many years. She often came to this magical place, to Fir-wood, to the knoll near the deserted hut. The old folk warned that faeries inhabited the spot, and she had reason to believe the tales to be true. Her parents vanished there years before.

Elspeth held the impossible dream close to her heart of them one day reappearing.

Jamie scratched the back of his neck while he glanced around. “I never should have ridden out alone with you. Maclay was seen here not but a sennight ago. And you ken how dangerous he is. He nearly raped and killed your brother’s lady-wife. You saw the Lady Laurie yourself after Archie rescued her from Maclay’s lair.”

Elspeth cringed at the reminder. She’d terrible memories of that day. Of her brother Archibald carrying Laurie’s bruised and bloodied body into the hall, and the pained bellow of her other brother Patrick when he saw his ladylove. Even so, the memory wouldn’t deter her. She needed to find the medicinal herbs for Aine, who unselfishly looked after the comfort of those living in the castle. Elspeth promised. Besides, Laurie’s abduction happened more than a year ago. Patrick and Laurie had since wed and moved…somewhere.

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