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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon

Welcome to this week's Sneak Peek. Here's another excerpt from the newly released Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon, the second novel in the Highland Gardens series--Scottish historical time travel romance with faeries. Hope you enjoy this wee snippet!

Finn's reaction to meeting Elspeth in the flesh...

Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon
A Highland Gardens Novel
Bk #2

Finn caught the scowl of the plump older woman.
Disappointment surged through him and he frowned. He hadn’t meant to chase the girl away. It was just that…this was all a bit unnerving. He’d been more than surprised when he woke to see her there, staring at him as if she wanted to…taste him.
Now that was an intriguing thought. One he’d certainly enjoy experiencing.
She was the petite woman from his dreams. Of that, he was certain. She looked younger, but possessed the same desirable curves. Her strawberry-blond hair, pulled back in a long braid, was the same lustrous silk he remembered from his dreams. And her eyes, those mesmerizing silver eyes, definitely belonged to the angel of his memories.
The thrill he’d felt when he touched her still coursed through him, a tremor sizzling along his spine. He tugged at the fabric of his kilt to hide his arousal.
The older woman, whom the girl called Aine, slammed the tray down on the chest next to the bed. She gave him a disapproving look. “What did you do to frighten the lass so?”

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