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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - 'Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon'

Welcome to this week's Sneak Peek. Here's another excerpt from the newly released Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon, the second novel in the Highland Gardens series--Scottish historical time travel romance with faeries. Hope you enjoy this wee snippet!

Finn must prove his worth to the Highlanders with a trial of vigor...

Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon
A Highland Gardens Novel
Bk #2


Muscles straining, Finn raised his sword, the tip pointed toward Archibald’s eyes. An odd tingling sensation raced along his outstretched arms, coalescing around his heart. Nerves. A bad time for a panic attack.

Swallowing hard, he held his stance.

Archibald attacked.

Finn warded off the first cut with the flat of his blade. Counterattacking, his feet firmly planted, he used his hips to bring power to his blow. The large two-handed sword was heavy. He heard Iain’s instructions in his head. Bring the fight to an end swiftly, lad, before you become overly fatigued and are injured, or accidentally wound your opponent.”

Archibald grunted. The clang of steel rang in Finn’s ears. Sun reflecting off polished metal nearly blinded him. Ignoring the distraction, he reached within to pull forth his inner-warrior.

Lightning flashed. Rolling thunder reverberated in his ears.

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~Dawn Marie


  1. I love a good sword fight, Dawn. Swords are incredibly heavy, and the men who wield them have to be strong--all over.
    I wonder if there was a lighter weight sword for women?

  2. I imagine few women wielded swords. A dagger or eating knife. Yes? :)