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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday - 'Just Beyond the Garden Gate'

Woohoo! Sneak Peek Sunday is back. This is where I share six paragraphs from one of my books. Since I have Goodreads giveaways still going on for a trade paperback of Just Beyond the Garden Gate for Canada and UK readers, I thought I would share from that book. Links for those giveaways are at the bottom of this post.

Now, for the sneak peek...

From Chapter Eleven ~ Patrick has requested that Laurie attend to his bath.

Laurie felt the singe of Patrick’s gaze as if he touched her skin with a lit match. Ignoring him was impossible. He leaned against a corner post of the large canopied bed, watching her through hawk-like eyes while she prepared his bath under the gentle guidance of Aine and Elspeth. Laurie squeezed the knobby cloth in her hand until her palms burned. If only she could strangle the arrogant jerk.

Aine bent over the tub, tested the water temperature with her elbow, and inclined her head to Elspeth. “Ready.”

Elspeth clapped her hands then flicked them in front of her, shooing the servants from the room. Aine adjusted a pile of toweling and followed the men out.

“Duncan will remain in the passageway. If you are in need of anything, more hot water, drying cloths, anything, summon him and he will fetch whatever you require.” Elspeth gave Laurie a reassuring nod before she left.

The heavy oak door shut with a loud thud, causing Laurie to jump. The tension thickened to an unbearable level. How had she gotten herself into this uncomfortable situation? Was this what a kidnap victim felt like? Totally out of control?

Only Laurie willingly followed Patrick home after sharing the most powerful kiss of her life. A stranger. God, what was she thinking?
Hope you enjoyed this wee peek into Just Beyond the Garden Gate. Stop by next week for another snippet.
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