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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday - 'Just Beyond the Garden Gate'

Here is another sneak peek into Just Beyond the Garden Gate. I selected an excerpt by randomly opening the book to pages 126/127. Laurie wants desperately to return home...

Laurie closed her eyes and said a silent prayer. She felt nothing. Spinning around in a circle, she still felt nothing. Sitting down, there was nothing. No tinkling sound. Not even the mere hint of an exotic scent in the air. There was no impression of unnatural energy, nor unusual surge of power. No bright, white light, nor kaleidoscope colors.

There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Elspeth and Aine continued working, collecting plants a short distance away. The guardsmen paid little attention to Laurie, intent on watching for trouble.

Several hours passed with her sitting on Patrick’s plaid in the center of the knoll with nothing happening, at least, nothing magical. She couldn’t concentrate. Her thoughts strayed, her mind’s eye seeing Patrick. She imagined him walking toward her, through a wildflower meadow, his gait determined. His chestnut hair pulled back in a tight queue. His hungry, dark eyes sought hers. As he neared, her heart raced. She wanted to reach out and touch him.

Then his image faded.

Stop it, her mind screamed. She glanced around the knoll, chills raced along her spine. It was imperative she stay focused on the task at hand, not dream about the man who made her heart throb erratically. She couldn’t allow her purpose to cloud with her attraction to Patrick. Staying wasn’t an option. She needed to go home.

Hope you enjoyed this wee peek into Just Beyond the Garden Gate. Stop by next week for another snippet.

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