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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vote on a Cover for 'Sea Panther'

***Update 2/14/14***

The winner is Option #1 with 65% of votes from the blog and FB.
Option #2 received 20%
Option #3 received 15%

And the winner of an autographed pre-release print copy of Sea Panther is ANONYMOUS!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to vote.

Happy Valentine's Day!


I need your help.

Sea Panther is a paranormal romance.

The cover faeries tsked my first choice for the cover of Sea Panther. So I decided to run a poll. Please help me pick a cover by voting for your favorite from the three mocked-up versions below.

Let's make this a poll and a giveaway drawing. I'll gift an autographed pre-release trade-paperback copy of Sea Panther to one lucky voter as soon as the first books are printed. Please include an email address with your vote in the comments section if you wish to be considered for the gift paperback.

Votes accepted through February 13th.

Which cover makes you want to read the blurb?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Thanks for your help!

~Dawn Marie Hamilton


  1. #3
    #2 is too dark in color.
    I'm not sure you need the panther. I'd emphasize the "botched" voodoo curse and the ship. have the mast crosspiece and a voodoo-type image behind it.

  2. #1 gets my vote, Dawn. #2 is too dark, and I like the skull in #1.

  3. I would do #3 but take the guy out. He distracts me...

  4. I like the dark quality of #2 for a paranormal, #3 is my second choice. I think there is too much going on in #1. :)

  5. I like # 1. 2 is too dark, and something is slightly off kilter in #3. IMHO

  6. I like #1. It has both panther and skull.


  7. Definitely #1!! Love the panther! Good luck, Dawn!

  8. I really, really like #1 but it seems a bit too busy. #3 is the best--in my humble opinion.

  9. Definitely #1. The detail is clear and makes me want to find out about the skull, panther and what it all has to do with a ship.

  10. #1... I have read this book in helping you critique it so to me, it captures the story better. #2 is too dark. One and three are not too busy which is good. For #1 I like that the everything is proportioned.

  11. Thank you, everyone, for stopping by and voting!

  12. I'm going to be your minority. I like # 2. Leave it to me, right?

  13. #1 is my favorite. It drew me immediately.

  14. Can I change my mind??? I really do like Option 1