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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday #SPeekSunday: Sea Panther

Now that the conventions on my schedule for 2014 are over, I can get back to a weekly Sneak Peek Sunday. Kimberly is still meeting with the captain, hoping he'll offer her a crewing job on Sea Panther...

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Kimberly held her breath. He had to hire her. He just had to. It would be the perfect opportunity to slip away. No one would think to look for her on a yacht sailing south this late in the season.

The captain sprang from his seat. With graceful catlike movements, he crossed the room to tower over her. She refused to be intimidated, and held her ground, allowing him to crowd her.

“Why do you want to crew for me?” he demanded with a sneer.

His rude manner got under her skin. Air left her lungs with a soft hiss.

One. Two. She silently counted to ten and swallowed her pride.

“I’m homeless. Crewing for you will give me a place to live.” She gazed into the most alluring eyes. Her stomach did a somersault. Idiot. She couldn’t believe she was attracted to the infuriating man.

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