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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday #SPeekSunday: Just in Time for a Highland Christmas #8

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Munn, the MacLachlan clan brownie, meets with the fae Caitrina...

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Munn whirled onto the Sithichean Sluaigh, the knoll of the fae within the Fir-wood, spinning in tight circles, sucking leaves and other forest debris into the whirlwind surrounding him. Fuel for an all-consuming anger. When the rage petered out, he halted in front of Caitrina in a puff of smoke-infused dust.

The irritating sithiche coughed delicately and, with the flick of a slender wrist, the dust settled on the ground at her feet and dissolved. A wave of a graceful hand, and foliage poked through the velvety green grass, presenting vanilla scented phlox blossoms. Showoff.

She arched an auburn brow and tossed long flowing locks over a shoulder. “What do you want, wee man? Your summons interrupted important machinations.”

“’Tis past time to make the third match.”

Caitrina shrugged. “The queen refuses to reveal the couple’s identities.”

“I ken who they are.” Munn jounced, hardly containing growing excitement.

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  1. My favorite holiday activity is putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. Some people might not call decorating an activity but I make an event every year out of decorating the trees. I have been collecting ornaments since I was a little girl and almost all of my ornaments that I have either have some kind of special meaning or memory to me. My mother has also made an ornament every year for each of her 5 kids as far back as I can remember. After we finish with our big tree we also have a second smaller Christmas tree that we call our “Red, White, and Blue” tree. This tree is full of patriotic and Army (in honor of my father) ornaments. This tree also only has red, white and blue lights.

    Decorating two Christmas trees is really an activity in our house, but we love our traditions.

    1. Marnie, traditions are wonderful. My mother also gave us ornaments each year when we were kids so I have quite a collection too. I love the idea of the red, white and blue tree. Merry Christmas!