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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday - Making Snow Angels - Just in Time for a Highland Christmas

Since I'm getting in the mood for Christmas here is an excerpt from Just in Time for a Highland Christmas...

During dinner Archie’s thigh kept brushing hers, and she bit the inside of her lip to avoid reaching over and touching him. Otherwise, dinner became a jovial affair of great food and good conversation, ending with pastry and a hot drink called coffee.
Delectable food and drink—more reasons to remain in this time. If only she could convince Archie to stay too. She rubbed moist palms on her jeans. He would never forgive her. And he wasn’t staying.
“Can we make snow angels?” Scott hollered over bantering voices.
“Yes, please,” Young Iain begged, too.
Laurie urged the lads into jackets and the entire family trudged out into the snowy garden. Patrick flicked a switch. Light illuminated the area, making the snow sparkle. The lads fell onto their backs in the snow, waving their arms and legs. The imprints left behind were the images of angels. Laurie made a large one. Patrick’s even larger.
If a once powerful warrior could display a playful side so could she. Isobell dropped onto her back to make an angel of her own. To her utter surprise, Archie threw off his plaide and plopped beside her in naught but his trews and leine. As they spread their arms to make angel wings their fingers touched. Their gazes met. A thrill shot through her.
Archie’s eyes flared. He must have felt it, too.
She couldn’t let the moment pass without making one last memory with him. Isobell squeezed his fingers. “Come with me. I ken a special place.”


Hope you enjoyed this wee excerpt from Just in Time for a Highland Christmas, a Highland Gardens Novella.

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~Dawn Marie

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