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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Excerpt Wednesday - Braving a Blizzard to Escape - Just in Time for a Highland Christmas

Here is another snowy excerpt from Just in Time for a Highland Christmas...


Archibald’s wool plaide pulled over her head gave minimal protection as they slogged through the blinding snow, the light guiding them to who kenned where. Isobell clung to Dealanach Dubh with fingers numb from cold. Icy flakes stung the exposed skin of her face. Yet they followed the light taking them further from Castle Lachlan and the man who would never forgive her for an act she didn’t commit.
As the storm worsened, Isobell wondered if she’d gone mad, risking life itself, traipsing over a countryside experiencing the worst weather of the season. For what? To escape a man she once loved. Was it worth killing her horse and possibly losing her life over such?
Should she go back and plead her case? If only she could curl into a ball and fall asleep in the snow and forget. Feeling drowsy, she started to slip, but caught herself before falling.
Isobell. Isobell. Fear not.
What? Who said that? She raised her head and tried to see through the blowing snow. The white light remained; drew them ever closer.
Emerging from the trees, they stepped out of the snow onto a mound of the most unusual green grass. Grass that should be autumn-brown. Above, a full moon shone bright. How was that possible? Isobell jerked a look over a shoulder at where they’d just been and gasped. The blizzard raged. Falling snow created a heavy curtain of white.
She patted Dealanach Dubh’s ice-crusted coat. “Where are we, lad?”
A place of magic.
“’Tis known as the Sithichean Sluaigh, a faerie knoll.” A golden-haired woman of inconceivable beauty sat a stunning white horse. “Dinnae fear this place.”


Hope you enjoyed this wee excerpt from Just in Time for a Highland Christmas, a Highland Gardens Novella.

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~Dawn Marie

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