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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Just Wait For Me by Dawn Marie Hamilton

This week's except is from my most recent release, the fourth tale (third novel), from the Highland Gardens time travel series. Just Wait For Me. Available as an e-book and in print. I opened the paperback to a random page--the opening of Chapter Eighteen...

Castle Lachlan wasn’t as large, nor perhaps as lavishly adorned as Dunoon Castle, but as Jillian stepped over the threshold into the great hall, something within her warmed to the place. Made her feel comfortable. Tension in her shoulders eased. This was a home. Men and women and children dressed in colorful tartans of red and green with yellow crossed the stone floor covered here and there by woven rush mats, greeting one and other cheerfully as they went about their business. Several acknowledged her with a tentative smile, showing only mild curiosity, then continued on their way. Much different from the audible whispers exchanged behind raised hands at Dunoon.

“Come and sit by the fire. You must be exhausted from your travels. I am eager to hear of them.” Lady Isobell directed her to a grouping of chairs before a hearth taller than Stephen by more than a foot, and wide enough that several men could stand within. A welcoming fire burned with a crackle and pop.

The raven-haired beauty dropped to a green velvet-cushioned chair and propped her legs on a small embroidered footstool with a heavy sigh of relief. The skirting of her purple gown hiked up, providing Jillian a glimpse of a pair of very modern-looking Fair Isle knit leg warmers made with synthetic fibers. Certainly not of the time period.

“I have recently given birth to a fine son.” Lady Isobell’s smile glowed with happiness. “My ankles and hands still swell on occasion.”

Jillian shut an open mouth with a snap.

When the other woman noticed where Jillian stared, she smirked. “Do you like my leg warmers? They were a gift from my mother-in-law, Mairi, when we visited my husband’s family in a place called Anderson Creek a couple of Christmases ago. Have you heard of it?”

“Uh…yeah. I live there, Lady Isobell.”

“No need for formality. Please. Just Isobell. I am sure we will become bosom friends.” Isobell beamed. “Do you ken the MacLachlans? Mairi and Iain? Patrick and Laurie? Elspeth and Finn?”

“I know them all. Laurie is my business partner. We own Foxgloves Garden Center along with our friend Caitrina.”

“Ah. That explains much.” The woman’s violet eyes brightened. “I have fond memories of the orchid room.”

“Yes. It’s lovely. Full of color, especially in winter.” This was all too bizarre. Had she fallen into a 1960’s episode of Twilight Zone?

“And so verra warm.” Isobell fanned herself as if the memories made her hot.

“The orchid room has state of the art environmental controls encouraging peak performance from the plants.”

“The plants? Oh, aye, they are nice. And the cushions are verra comfortable, if you understand my meaning.”

“Oh.” Jillian raised both eyebrows. Had the woman and her husband used the orchid room for a…sexual encounter? Obviously, based on the suggestive expression Isobell wore.

She patted Jillian’s arm. “Now, you must tell me all about my niece and nephews. I miss the wee bairns terribly. It has been some time since we visited.”

“You make it sound so normal. Time traveling, that is.” Jillian swallowed uneasily.

“Far from normal, but I have come to terms with fae activity since marrying Archibald, having our wee adventure, and living at Castle Lachlan.”
"It boggles my mind." Jillian looked beyond her hostess to scan the hall, wondering what happened to Stephen and the children.


Just Wait For Me

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Hope you enjoyed this wee snippet from Just Wait For Me, a Highland Gardens Novel.

~Dawn Marie

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