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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Caitrina gets rid of Munn - Just Beyond the Garden Gate by Dawn Marie Hamilton

Since I'm working on the next tale in the Highland Gardens seriesJust His Fae KissCaitrina and Douglas's story, I thought it would be fun to share excerpts from the other books featuring them. Here is an excerpt from Just Beyond the Garden Gate...

Caitrina hovered at the edge of the wood, cloaked in the glamour of invisibility. She raised her arms over head in a languid stretch until her spine aligned with a soft crack. It felt so good to have shed the gardener glamour. Posing as a human in the twenty-first century was taxing beyond measure.

She ran tactile fingers over her silk gown, relishing its soft luxury and drew in the fragrance of fir with bliss. Magic hummed. The verdant forest nearly crackled with her power. Her smile widened as sparks ignited and flashed between the intended couple.

The plan progressed as intended. She clapped her hands, more pleased than she’d been since forced to leave the shores of her beloved faerie paradise Tir-nan-Óg—land o’ heart’s desire—centuries ago. She would outwit the queen and win the first part of the challenge.

Easy as snapping her fingers. Almost.

When Laurie ran after the MacLachlan chief, Caitrina purred like a feline who’d caught its prey. Satisfaction shimmered within her mind, but then she thought about Oonagh and her stomach clenched. The High Queen of the Fae believed the challenge would force Caitrina into an eternity of servitude. She curled her hands into fists. No way would she let that happen.

A change in atmospheric pressure prickled over her skin. Sensing Munn nearby, she stilled, closed her eyes, and summoned her image with a mere thought. Without a whisper of sound, her form emerged and took shape. Inhaling sharply, she spun to face the meddlesome brownie.

The wee man slowly approached, even though his expression twisted into a portrait of fear. Stubborn brùnaidh.

“What mischief caused thee?” he demanded. “Where be the old chief? His lady?”

Caitrina stepped in close and frowned at the fool. She needed to get him out of the way before he endangered the completion of her tasks.

Although she smelled his terror, he held his ground and returned her glare. “Be gone! You dinnae belong here. Cease darkening MacLachlan lands.

“’Tis none of your concern.”

“Aye, ’tis. You toy with the young chief.”

“You’ll not interfere.” With a flick of her wrist, she cast him far away.

His image blinked out on a horrified scream.

Caitrina smiled, brushed some residual dust from her gown, dissolved into a passing plume of mist, and rode the breeze toward Castle Lachlan and her pawns.

Just Beyond the Garden Gate

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Hope you enjoyed this wee peek into 'Just Beyond the Garden Gate', a Highland Gardens Novel.

~Dawn Marie  

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