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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Excerpt Wednesday - Caitrina Plots an Escape From Tir-nan-óg - Just Beyond the Garden Gate by Dawn Marie Hamilton

Since I'm working on the next tale in the Highland Gardens seriesJust His Fae KissCaitrina and Douglas's story, I thought it would be fun to share excerpts from the other books featuring them. Here is an excerpt from when Caitrina was held prisoner by the faerie queen in Just Beyond the Garden Gate...

Most of Caitrina’s endless life, she performed impossibly difficult tasks at the dictate of the faerie queen with the hope of regaining her royal status. To once again live and play amongst the other faeries in paradise, in Tir-nan-óg, was her heart’s greatest desire.

Dammit, she’d been so close with Laurie and the MacLachlan.

Once they mated, she could move on to the second match of the queen’s three-match challenge. Then the third. Too bad Oonagh interfered.

Caitrina skimmed a hand along the length of a rich velvet curtain. Here she was, ensconced in luxury at the palace within Tir-nan-óg, on the whim of the queen.

But as a prisoner.

At least she was alone. Oonagh had left the palace to meet her consort for merrymaking at a distant faerie pageant. Had the queen not realized Caitrina would plot escape?

Caitrina paced the confines of the chamber, indifferent to its splendor. Lost in thought, she stopped before a crystal table and ran her fingers through the collection of sapphires displayed in a cut glass bowl. Outside, on the veranda, one of Oonagh’s boy toys strutted across the tile to the pool—nude—and dove in. He emerged to his waist a few steps from Caitrina, wet muscles on his packed chest glistening in golden sunlight. Her mind whirled furiously and she settled on a cunning plan.

With a thought, she changed her glamour to that of a veiled harem girl and stepped from the queen’s boudoir, through the curtains, onto the warm tile. She smiled with her eyes to entice the lesser faerie. She wouldn’t think of Douglas while she seduced her prey.

“Gabriel,” she purred.

Desire flashed in her quarry’s green eyes and with feline grace, he leapt from the water. She read his intention to dry himself with a thought and shook her head.

“I like you wet.” Her tone was a husky come-hither invitation.

Just Beyond the Garden Gate

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Hope you enjoyed this wee peek into 'Just Beyond the Garden Gate', a Highland Gardens Novel.

~Dawn Marie  

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