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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday - 'Sea Panther'

In anticipation of the release of Sea Panther on March 20th, here is another sneak peek from Chapter One...

“This time I went too far.” He reached deep within and clamped down on the aggressive desires. He’d been a bloody fool to allow the young woman with the purple-tinted hair to pick him up at a bayside bar. Dressed in black lace, leather and chains, she’d told him she wanted to hook-up with a vampire. He should have been wary.

“How she learned what I am is a mystery. I ought to have stopped when the warning alarm sounded in my head. Walked away.” He swallowed, and guilt settled in his gut. “Instead, I gave her what she wanted and almost took her life. I have little compassion left. Time is running out. I must unearth a cure.”

“You will, my friend. Have faith.”

“Soon it will be three hundred years.”

Too long to be cursed. Too long to live as an animal. Too long to live as a vampire.

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~Dawn Marie


  1. Well, goodness! What did he do to her? Take a lot when he should only have taken a little? Now you've whetted my appetite, you rascal, you! ;-) Great Six. Golly I could feel his conflict.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Vonnie! Robert is sooo tormented. LOL!