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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday 'Sea Panther'

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Woo hoo! Sea Panther has released. So what is Kimberly's first impression of Robert?

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The drop dead gorgeous man who stood before her oozed sensual heat from every pore of his over six feet of muscle clothed in black jeans, form-fitting leather jacket, and biker boots.

The gaze she ran over the length of him was probably too obvious. Irrepressible though. The man’s short, tawny-brown hair with a slight reddish tinge was styled to spiky perfection. A firm square jaw filled out a rugged face. And his eyes…

Humor flashed in the expressive cinnamon-brown gaze and his sexy full lips parted into a slash of a grin, displaying perfect white teeth. She couldn’t refrain from gasping.

A Bad Boy. Her spine tingled with—could it be attraction?

Without a sound, he moved closer.

Her stare froze on a scar. The thin line marred the side of his handsome face from the corner of the right eye, across the cheek to his chin, making him appear…dangerous.

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